Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Non Believer's Meaning of Life

This is one of a non-believer's meaning of life:

"I am in this world and I have to navigate myself in it. I am responsible for my own actions and it is therefore up to me how I make it"

My friend's reply:

actually ur fren's statement is in itself a paradox.

1 cannot be one's own god if one is incapable of controlling evrything.

his premise "i m in THIS WORLD" and "I have to NAVIGATE myself" presupposes that there is ONE greater than him.

since, ur fren had NO say in what world he lives in as well as the environment he is in. the word navigate for example presupposes that that there already exists a "sea" where he can only make some limited decisions on his directions.

he is incapable of CREATING anything. thus, his insistence that he is his own god is a fallacy.

ur fren is right however that he is RESPONSIBLE for his own actions. if he believes in a lie, then he will surely die in his own lie.

his concluding statement is then illogical and invalid. "it is therefore up to me how I make it", here ur fren seems to think that he can MAKE something, which in essence as mentioned, he admits in his premise that he is incapable of CREATING. thus, he cannot make. nethier can ur fren determine his own END, since he still SUFFERS the consequence of his decisions.

eg. if he directs his ship to the south, he may end up in a surging whirlpool n get shipwrecked. the point is he won't know that there is a whirlpool until he reaches it. the sea that he navigates in, is already CREATED, he cannot MAKE a new sea nor can he determine his own END. he merely makes a decision n suffers the consequence no matter what it may be.

as tonito's xmas play said "what u dont believe doesnt mean it doesnt exist".

there is nothing "to buy" or "not to buy" abt God. however, if 1 chooses to DENY God, then 1 suffers the consequence of one's own folly.

thus, i surmise ur fren actually acknowledges that GOD (or at least some greater power) exists, but denies HIS rule over him. in order, to reconcile his own paradoxes, he then chooses to think that there is no GOD.

interestingly enuff, ur fren also acknowledges, that he will therefore be responsible for his decision and suffer the consequences of it.

what is need to do is PRAY. then only help him see the folly of his ways.

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